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Pollinator count

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Welcome to today's post! We had the pleasure of learning about the Pollinator count from Anne at the Emu group. Pollinators, like bees, play a vital role in our ecosystem and are crucial for producing things like apples. Fortunately, scientists are researching different types of insects that perform this important task, and we can assist them! To participate, simply visit and sit by a flower, counting the number of insects that land on it and move its middle parts. It's best to do this when it's sunny and not windy. Our Kangaroo group will be joining in on Friday, and we encourage you to participate as well!

If you prefer not to count, we still invite you to draw a picture of a flower in your garden and count the number of insects that land on it. Can you draw any of these insects? What colors are they? We'd love to see your drawings! You can take a photo and email it to me (Carly), send it to the kinder, or drop it in the kinder letterbox if you pass by. To get started, here are two photos of flowers in my garden (one of them is a weed – we're not big gardeners!)

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