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Volunteer Committee

Helen Paul Kindergarten is a community kindergarten with a volunteer, parent-run committee. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to join, just a willingness to be involved and be a part of the Helen Paul community.

Benefits of joining

  • Get to know fellow parents by working together on a common goal

  • Foster your sense of community

  • Being a part of something meaningful and giving back

  • Investing in the kinder where your child attends and making sure it is well run

  • Getting a foot back in the door into a "workplace"

  • The mental stimulation of a new challenge and different type of work

  • Getting your preferred kinder group the year after you are on the committee

Your time

  • Monthly evening meetings (at the Hampton Wine Co. or via Zoom)

  • Additional required monthly time varies role to role.  Anywhere from 2 hours a month plus.

  • Most roles are able to be done at home on the computer

  • All roles are flexible in nature


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Committee Roles

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