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Nature Bracelets

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Have you noticed the fallen leaves, the little twigs, flowers and grass lying all around?

You can make a bracelet or headband using any treasures you find outside.

To make a Nature Bracelet – get some masking tape and wrap it (sticky side up) around your wrist – not too tight! You can then stick what you find onto the sticky side of the masking tape and make a bracelet.

Here’s my nature bracelet

Nature Headband – cut an A4 size piece of paper in half (longways). Join the ends together to make a long piece. Wrap it around your child’s head and stick the ends together so it won’t fall down. You can then collect your nature treasures, and stick them on with masking tape or clear sticky tape. If you have double sided tape, you can put the tape down, then directly stick the treasures you have found onto the sticky side of the tape.

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