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Enrolment + Fees

Bayside City Council oversees a Central Registration and Enrolment Service for both three and four year old kindergarten on behalf of community delivered kindergartens within the Bayside municipality, including Helen Paul Kindergarten.


The Central Registration and Enrolment Service is administered by the Early Years team which is a division of Council’s Family Services department.


Enrolments for 2024

Limited places remain in our 4 year old program for 2024. Registration for enrolment in our 2024 program can be made by contacting the Bayside City Council's Early Years team on (03) 9599 4733.


Enrolments for 2025

Registration for enrolment in our 2025 kindergarten program can be made online via Bayside City Council. Registrations for 2025 open on 1st May 2024.



For more information on the Central Registration and Enrolment Service please refer to the Bayside City Council website, or call the Early Years team on 03 9599 4733. 


Alternatively, our Operations Coordinator would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about the enrolment process and can be contacted at or

03 9598 6416.

Acceptance of Offer - Enrolment - Next Steps

Bayside City Council will notify parents/carers by email if your child has been offered a place at Helen Paul Kindergarten. This email will include further instructions with regards to finalising your child's enrolment at Helen Paul Kindergarten.

How to enrol

Age Requirements

3 Year Old Program

Children enrolling for a 3-year-old program must turn 3 by the 30 April of the year they attend. Due to staff:child regulations based on age, a child cannot commence at Helen Paul Kindergarten until they have turned 3 years old.

4 Year Old Program

Children enrolling for a 4 year old program must turn 4 by the 30 April in the year they attend. A child may start 4 year old kindergarten at the commencement of the kindergarten year even if they have not yet turned four.

Kinder Readiness

All children differ in maturity and kindergarten readiness. To ensure the best possible outcome for your child, particularly for those children born in February, March and April, it is important to consider the following:

  • Can they separate from you without undue stress for short periods of time?

  • Can they play happily alongside or with other children?

  • Can they follow simple instructions and routines?

  • Can they ask for help?

  • Are they toilet trained?

2024 Fees

Our fees help to cover a percentage of our running costs and the expenses associated with maintaining and upgrading our equipment and facilities. 

A $250 deposit is payable upon accepting an offer for your child to attend HPK and is refundable on commencement.

3 year old kindergarten $0*/per term

4 year old kindergarten $0*/per term 


*In 2025, we anticipate our kindergarten will opt into the Victorian Government Free Kindergarten scheme however this is yet to be confirmed. This will be reviewed annually.  


Our fees may be subject to change.

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Helen Paul Kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government for our 4 year old program

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