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Snails and “The Snail and the Whale”

Snail - Wikipedia

With the ground being a bit wetter, I’ve noticed snails in my garden. I found this snail at night when it was raining. Can you see the swirl in the shell? The size of the shell can tell us how old the snail is, because the shell never stops growing.

This snail came to visit when it was raining

What else do you know about snails? I bet you know that they move very slowly, but did you know that the body of the snail is called a “foot”? Have you ever seen the silvery trail that a snail leaves behind? It comes from the foot of the snails, and helps to to glide over any surface. Do you think that snails have teeth? They do have tiny teeth that they use to scrape food into their mouths.

The day after I found the snail in my garden, I discovered some tiny little snails – they are snail babies! They were crawling up the wall of my house, and there were more than 20 of them! Snails can have hundreds of baby snails in one year, and they hatch out of eggs. When the baby snails hatch, they eat their egg.

Can you see how tiny the baby snail is? I have my finger next to it so you can compare the size.

Here is a close up photo of one of the baby snails on the wall of my house

You might like to make a snail. There are so many ways to make snails using things that you have at home.

Playdough – if you have made playdough using Lesley’s technique, you can use it to make snails. Firstly get a small amount and roll it on the table with both hands until you get a thin sausage. Pick up on end, and carefully roll it up to make a swirl. Next get some more playdough and make the foot. Put the shell on top of the foot. You might like to add antenae, or even decorate the shell.

Play dough recipe! – Three Little Z's

Paper – you can use paper to make a snail in many ways. You can draw one, paint or paste one. Or watch my video below how to make a paper snail. Once you’ve finished, you could make more, then draw a garden on another piece of paper, and stick all your snails in the garden.

Fruit and Vegetables – I made this snail out of a banana, apple peel and carrot. It tasted very yummy! What will you use to make a snail?

How else can you make a snail? We’d love to see all your creations. Grown ups can email us your photos or videos.

There are some great books about snails. Perhaps you have a favourite at home? At kinder we love the story “The Snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (the author’s who wrote “The Gruffalo”). I love the rhyming words, and hearing about the adventures of the snail. If you haven’t got the book at home, you might like to watch this story. It’s about a different type of snail than you would find in your garden, this one is a sea snail, and can breathe under water! Grown ups – this story goes for 30mins, and is featured on ABC iview.

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