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Nature Walk

I have been going on lots of walks this week.

I have discovered many beautiful things….

Can you see the Rainbow Lorikeet?

2 feathers – a large white one and a smaller grey one. Can you see the tinge of yellow on it?

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the colors on the trees.

And finally some beautiful white roses. They smelt really nice too!

When we go outside and walk around, it’s easy to just focus on where we are going, but it’s really good to also take our time, and really look at what is around us. Sometimes it’s the dew on the grass, or the tiny ants crossing the footpaths. Other times you might notice the fragrance of some lavender, or freshly cut grass. If you look really hard, you can spot wildlife (I saw a Possum the other night balancing on an overhead wire).

Let us know what special discoveries you have made on your walks – big or small!

#movement #Nature #wellbeing

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