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Nature Patterns

On Tuesday, I suggested you collect some stick and leaves… Here is a photo of the big branch that Lucy dragged to kinder last week!

these are some leaves and gumnuts from the branch

We also had some leaves and seedpods from the banksia cut down by the neighbours, and they gave us the branches. The leaves are different colours on each side.

The kangaroos had these out for the ‘kinder bush kinder’ session. I started making a pattern. Small leaf, big leaf, small leaf, big leaf. Flynn joined me in making this pattern.

He then put a row of gum nuts inside and decided it looked like a lion, so looked for the other things he could use to make a face. Then a few other children became interested and decided to make their own. When we make pictures like this in a circle, they can be called Mandalas. People make Mandalas using all sorts of different materials. They often have patterns in them as well. Below, I read a book that has lots of beautiful patterns in the pages. Can you make a picture using beautiful patterns? You could use sticks and leaves that you have collected, or you could draw or paint one as well.

And because there has been too much Carly, Here is Anne singing Mr Clikety Cane 🙂

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