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Nature Patterns

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Earlier this week, I suggested collecting sticks and leaves, and we got some fantastic finds! Lucy even dragged a large branch to kinder last week, which you can see in the photo. Our neighbours cut down a banksia and gave us some leaves and seedpods too. The leaves have different colours on each side, which is fascinating.

During the Kangaroos' bush kinder session, we had these items out for exploration. I began making a pattern with the leaves: small leaf, big leaf, small leaf, big leaf. Flynn joined in, and we had fun creating this pattern together!

After placing a row of gum nuts inside, one child noticed that it resembled a lion and decided to add other items to create a face. This piqued the interest of a few other children, who decided to create their own versions. When we create circular pictures like this, they can be called Mandalas. Mandalas can be made using various materials and often include intricate patterns.

To inspire your creativity, I recommend reading a book that features beautiful patterns on its pages. Then, try creating your own picture using lovely patterns. You can use sticks and leaves you've collected or draw and paint your design.

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