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Stick Insects

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Did you know that there are stick insects at our kindergarten? These special insects are called Phasmids and they have a unique appearance that makes them look like sticks or leaves. They feed on leaves, which is why Lucy brings them gum leaves to eat. Stick insects are commonly found in gum trees, and at our kindergarten, we have observed them laying eggs. When the eggs hatch, we transfer the baby insects to a smaller glass tank so they can grow. Occasionally, some of them escape and we find little stick insects all over the kindergarten!

Can you see the stick insect on the gum leaf?

This is an adult stick insect at kinder.

Stick insects use tiny hooks on their feet and legs to grip tightly onto leaves, branches, or tree trunks. When people hold stick insects, they can be difficult to remove, especially when they climb onto clothing. However, their grip does not hurt and can feel like a tickling sensation on the skin.

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