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Fluffy Dough

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Fluffy dough is a type of playdough that has a different texture. It’s fluffier and stretchier than the normal playdough that Lesley showed us how to cook in an earlier post.

You will need:

  1. Corn flour

  2. Hair conditioner (use a cheap hair conditioner is fruit flavored or smells nice)

  3. Food coloring (optional)

  4. Bowl

  5. Measuring cup

  6. Spatula/ spoon (for scraping conditioner out of measuring cup & mixing)

The ratio for this recipe is 5:2, so combine 5 cups of corn flour for every 2 cups of conditioner. For a small batch you can mix 2.5 cups of corn flour with 1 cup of conditioner.

However, depending on the conditioner it may be a bit gloopy/sticky or flaky/dry. It can be slightly on the wet side so add 1 spoonful of cornflour at a time until it is no longer gloopy.

The downside to this playdough is that it doesn’t last as long as traditional playdough. It dries out if quickly if you leave it out, but you can ‘refresh’ it by sprinkling a little bit of water on it and remixing it. Covering it up or wrapping it with food wrap will also keep it fresher for longer.

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