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Shaving Cream Play

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Using shaving cream on a table top, outside window or large shallow container is a wonderful sensory activity.

You can use any shaving cream, and spray enough on the surface so that you can spread it. This is a messy, fun activity – so outside might be best! And no tasting!

Using your fingers, you can draw, write, squeeze, spread and enjoy the feel of the shaving cream.

Add toys, stones, cars to the foam to discover and add to the play experience.

Mess: bubbles and shaving foam | mumturnedmom

Put some shaving cream into different containers, and add different colour food dye. This makes shaving cream paint. You can either use it with your fingers, or get some paint brushes and use it on a window or outside wall – wash off with a hose.

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