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Shadow Drawing

Did you know that a shadow is made when an object (like a toy, a tree or even you) block the light. Shadows show the shape of the object, but not details like a smile, or the different colour leaves.

You can choose some toys or blocks and line them up in the sunlight, with some paper next to them. Can you see the shadow that these blocks have made on the paper?

You could do this inside or outside – but remember if you are going outside to put on sunscreen and a hat.

See the different shadows these toys made

You can use a pencil or texta to trace around the shadow.

You might like to leave some set up, after you’ve traced around it. What happens to the shadow after a few hours?

Using bigger toys with simple lines will be easier for little hands to trace around. Smaller toys with more intricate lines would be more suitable for older children.

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