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Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Rainbows Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art ...

Rainbows are a beautiful sight to see, but they can be hard to find. Have you ever seen a rainbow in the sky?

Do you know the seven primary colors that make up the rainbow? This song will help you remember them:

Red and orange, yellow, green,

Blue, indigo, and violet, we've seen

All the colors of the rainbow

In the sky so high and wide.

When the sun comes shining through the rain,

Look up and see the colors again,

Red and orange, yellow, green,

Blue, indigo, and violet, what a dream!

If you want to create a bigger rainbow, you can use a garden hose to spray water into the air on a sunny day. Stand with your back to the sun and look towards the mist of water, and you might see a rainbow. This is because the water droplets act like tiny prisms, bending the light and creating a rainbow.

Another fun way to create a rainbow is by using a CD or DVD. Hold the disc in sunlight, and you will see rainbow colors reflecting off the surface. Move the disc around to see the colors change and dance.

Rainbows are a beautiful reminder of the amazing natural world around us.

Can you see the rainbow I made at home?

I caught the rainbow on some white paper

Once you’ve done that, you could take it outside, and see if you can project the rainbow onto a tree, your house, or anywhere else. Where did you put your rainbow?

I put mine in the sun outside, and projected a rainbow onto a gum tree. Can you see it?

Another way to make a rainbow is to use the silver side of a CD – put it in the sunlight and reflect it onto a wall or white paper.

I used a CD to make this rainbow

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