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Rain Gauge

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

It seems like you are planning to make a rain gauge to measure the amount of rain in your backyard! Here's what you'll need: a clear plastic bottle (at least 1 litre capacity), scissors, masking tape, permanent marker, and a ruler or something else to use as a measure. If you don't have a clear round bottle, you can also use a 2 litre milk bottle and measure in millilitres. Make sure to place your rain gauge somewhere that will be exposed to the rain, like tied to a basketball ring.

After collecting the rain and measuring it, you can also learn more about rainfall and weather patterns. You could research what is considered a normal amount of rain for your area, and compare it to the amount you have collected. You could also make a chart or graph to show how much rain you have collected over time. This could help you understand the weather patterns in your area and how they might affect plants, animals, and people. Don't forget to share your rain gauge experience and what you have learned with your friends and family!

It worked! Look at how much rain I collected.

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