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Hand Patterns and Mr McGee

Hello HPK families, we hope you had a lovely weekend. We have created a little envelope of bits and pieces for you to pick up from the kinder. It seems like an odd collection, but keep a hold of them and over the next few days, we’ll have some suggestions of what we can do with them. The first one we would like you to do is the hand. We would like to fill our front windows with hands decorated by all the children of HPK.

Here’s a few suggestions of how you could do that. You could do some patterns like the illustrations in the book, “Why I love Australia”, which I read on Thursday last week. Maybe you could be inspired by some of the things happening in our community. For example, maybe your family commemorated ANZAC day by making some poppies, so you could draw a poppy. Some of our families are observing Ramadan, so maybe you might like to do a pattern inspired by geometric patterns found in Islamic art. Or maybe you might like to try and make the most colourful colouring ever!

When you have finished your hand, we would love it if you could take a photo of it and email it to or drop it in the letterbox at kinder if you are walking past. Don’t forget to put your name on the back!

For those of you observing Ramadan, May this Ramadan be filled with joy, health and wealth.

Below we have a story read by Naomi. It’s a favourite for those in her Possum and Kookaburra groups. Enjoy! (Might need to turn the sound up!!! We’re on a steep learning curve here, so we’re still working out things like volume!)

#Creative #literacy #MrMcGee #patterns

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