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Colour and light

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Stained glass windows are beautiful and intricate works of art. They are made by joining different pieces of colored glass together with lead strips, creating a picture or pattern. When light shines through the glass, it creates a stunning display of colors and shapes.

Stained glass windows have been used in churches and other buildings for centuries, but you can also create your own version at home using tissue paper or cellophane. Cut the tissue paper or cellophane into small pieces, and then glue them onto a piece of clear contact paper. Once you have covered the contact paper with enough pieces, cover it with another piece of clear contact paper to sandwich the pieces in between. You can then cut out shapes or designs from the stained glass sheet and hang it in a window to let the light shine through. It's a fun and easy way to create your own beautiful work of art.

There are some amazing stained glass windows when you look around. There are some enormous ones in churches, this one is from the Notre Dame in Paris. Can you see the pictures that have been made with the different colours?

rose window at Notre Dame Cathedral Paris | Geometria sagrada ...

And there is a gorgeous ceiling in the National Gallery of Victoria. Here is just a small part of the magnificent ceiling. how many different colours can you see? What about shapes? I can see some triangles and rectangles.

NGV Melbourne - Stained Glass Ceiling detail | The National … | Flickr

In your envelope this week, we have included some large pieces of white tissue paper with some smaller squares of coloured tissue paper. You can cut the smaller squares into different shapes, or even smaller shapes if you like, and then paste them onto the big piece of tissue paper. We did this activity at kinder, we noticed that we could make different colours and shades by overlapping the pieces of paper. Then we blu tacked it onto the window so the light could shine through…

We added a leaf too! Because it was such a bright happy colour.

You will need to be very gentle with this activity. The paper is fragile. So perhaps take some deep calming breaths first, and that will help you work slowly and carefully. Then wait for the sun to shine through so you can see the beautiful colours!

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