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Frequently Asked Questions

At Helen Paul Kindergarten, we look forward to getting to know our families.  Your involvement and commitment is essential for the kindergarten to operate successfully.  There are many ways parents and carers can get involved as outlined below.

For detailed information about HPK and making the most of your time as a parent, see the Parent Handbook:


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What's On

We’re a social bunch at Helen Paul Kindergarten and each year we plan a host of inclusive and varied events including incursions and excursions for the children plus fundraising and fun social events for families, parents and committee members.  

Key Event Dates

  • Teddy Bears Picnic - Term 1

  • Open Day - Term 1

  • Bunnings BBQ - TBA

  • Kinder Photos - Term 1

  • Main Social Fundraising Event - TBA

  • Christmas Party - Term 4

Whats on
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