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Rainbows part two

Sometimes, we can find rainbows in unexpected places. I came across a rainbow in a spiderweb at kinder the other week!

If you look closely at this photo, you can see the different colours where the sun is shining on the top of the web. It always makes me smile when I come across a rainbow unexpectedly!

Rainbows are popular in artwork too. An artist called Frank Stella does some quite interesting things with the shapes of rainbows. Have a look at these!

Frank Stella. Firuzabad. 1970 | MoMA
Tahkt-I-Sulayman Variation II, Frank Stella | Mia

So he is using the arc shape of the rainbow if different ways. In your pack, there is a rainbow you can use for artwork. If you like, you can cut each colour separately, and then arrange them on the black piece of paper to make different pictures and patterns. Here are some I made…

Have you seen rainbows in unexpected places? Could you play with the shape of rainbows and make a rainbow pattern like Frank Stella?

#Creative #FrankStella #Nature #science

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