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Marble Run

Here’s a suggestion for how you could make your own marble run at home. You could try making a really, really big one if you like! The angles of the ramps can change the speed of the pom pom, so try making them steeper or more shallow. This is a really great STEM activity for children of this age, and I think could go in a few different directions if your child is up for a challenge. (We did attempt to make it go around a corner, we didn’t have any luck, but I think you could make it work on the inside of the box??? I’ll have to keep experimenting!!)

Here’s Kylie reading a story called ‘Beautiful Oops’ We made a beautiful oops at kinder one day when we spilt some water onto someone’s drawing! We then explored how water interacts with paper, textas, pencils and oil pastels. Lots of interesting learning there! (We hope you can hear her over the hammering in the background!)

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