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Guessing Game and Playdough

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to stay warm! Today, Naomi has a video of a game you could play at home with some things you could find easily around the house.

These games are great for language development and of course memory. Helping children pay attention to details is a very important early literacy skill as well.

Another favourite activity at kinder is playdough. Playdough is a very multipurpose experience. It can be a lovely calming experience when you’re feeling a over excited. It can be brilliant for developing those small muscles in the hands that children will need to be able to hold a pen well for drawing and later writing. You can use it as a literacy tool, I saw Meredith retelling Goldilocks and the three bears using the playdough last week, which is a great way to use playdough as well. Here is a video of Lesley showing you the recipe we use at kinder for making playdough.

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