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Grass Head

I can’t to see what grows!

It’s lots of fun growing things. Every day you can see how much has grown, and what has changed.

You can make a grass person using:

  1. a stocking foot

  2. grass seeds

  3. soil or potting mix

  4. elastic bands

  5. googly eyes or texta

  6. yogurt pot, plastic cup or similar

  7. water

  8. spoon

Watch Anne explain how to make a grass head.

Make sure you keep your grass person on a sunny windowsill, and remember to keep the water up inside the container, and spray the head daily.

Take some photos every few day so you can see what happens. And after about 10 days – you might like to get some scissors out and give your grass person a haircut!

Look at my time lapse video of the Grass Head I made

After 13 days, this is my Grass Head. Do you think it’s ready for a hair cut?

#grasshead #Howto #Nature #science

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