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Craft and Paint

Hello everyone, We thought it might be helpful if we write a bit of a list of things it might be helpful to start collecting or gathering so you can do some of the activities we’ve got planned to show you here. We are organising some packs for you to come and pick up, but there are some other things you can collect at home. Those of you about my age might remember the old useful box from playschool, it’s a bit like that!

Toilet paper rolls 🙂

masking tape

glue sticks

blu tac

string and ribbon

old food boxes


plastic trays from fruit etc.


plain paper

pencils, crayons or textas.

food colour


Here’s a video on how to make a simple paint if you like…

Now I will warn you, I have been a kindergarten for teacher for a long time, so when I come across a recipe for any craft activity, I usually have the ingredients in my house, (recently found I have everything to make hand sanitiser, soap, and slime!) so please let me know if I’m being a bit unrealistic with anything here!

And here’s a video of the turtles for those of you that might be missing the Speedy and Snapper;

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